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A new way to "Rock-N-Roll" through those unexpected vehicle recoveries !

It is not a reassuring feeling when your rig is leaning sideways and while you sit in the driver seat waiting to be winch you hear things like “Who has a shackle” or “where is your tree hugger strap”.  Bubba Rope has come up with a solution to decrease the confusion and wasted time in a recovery situation, that solution is their Rock-N-Roll Recovery Kit.  The Rock-N-Roll Recovery Kit comes with a Bubba kinetic energy recovery strap, two Gator-Jaw synthetic shackles, a 10-foot tree hugger protector strap, a winch line damper/tool pouch, a pair of 1’ x 6’ Bubba Roper camo ratchet tie-downs, and a life “Rock” guard.  The genius of this kit is that it comes in a mesh bag which stores inside your rig rolled up tight until you hit the trail, at which time it is quickly mounted to the spare tire carrier via a bungee cord.  As usual with Bubba Rope, this product is made in the USA! 


We have had the opportunity to test this product on simple overlanding runs of the Mojave Road up to aggressive rock crawling trails in Nevada’s mining country.  What we like most is the easy accessibility of the recovery gear you need when you need it.  Although the provided retention bungee never failed, we choose to give a little extra security by using one of the provided ratchet tie-downs to keep the bag from flopping around on harder trails. 

Proper recovery gear is an often-overlooked part of a rigs build.   Considering the addition of this product to your rig will both keep you safe and shorten the time you spend in those uneasy moments of recovery need out on the trail. 


See you on the trail!


-The Rogue Overland Crew 

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