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JackCovers.Com : More Than Just a Jack Cover !

Most of us have been there at least once, boy is it frustrating!  The faded and cracked neoprene cover has allowed the inner workings of the Hi-Lift jack to get jammed up with crud, resulting in a malfunctioning jack.  The Hi-Lift cover solves the problem through its high quality construction and it’s made in America!    The shell is constructed of UV stable premium marine grade vinyl, while the inner liner is made of neoprene.  The construction is rounded out with a heavy duty #10 zipper.  These can be purchased in a variety of colors as well as two sizes, 11 inches and 15 inches.

Jack Covers-5.jpg


Here at Rogue Overland we have tested this product in dusty wind, snow, rain, blazing desert heat, and freezing mountain temperatures.  We have experienced no cracks, no rips, no zipper malfunctions, and no fading.  This cover has protected our Hi-Lift jacks without fail; when we need to use our Hi-Lift jacks they function properly!  We can say whole heartedly that this product is necessary if you have a Hi-Lift jack.  


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-The Rogue Overland Crew


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