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The Hill People Gear Heavy Recon Kit Bag

I have had the Hill People Gear Heavy Recon Kit Bag for a year now and I must say I do not know how I ever hiked without it.  The bag secures to your chest by an over the shoulders strap system or can mount to the loops of other equipment by us of two locking clips.  The rear pistol compartment is a great place for concealed carry but also has plenty of space for velcro pouches to attach when not carrying a firearm.  The front compartment is lined with two large pockets and molle attachment panels.  The front of the bag is also a continuous molle attachment panel.  This bag works great as being loaded with the bare essentials for short hikes and in addition to a larger pack on longer hikes.  This product really shines and is a must have in being one of the few options available for concealed carry with fast accessibility of a firearm while hiking.  Did I mention this is made in the USA?!  Check out Hill People Gear at

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