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The ENO Single Nest Hammock

I am writing this as I swing casually in my Eno Single Nest pocket-sized hammock among soaring pine trees and the sound of a running river. This hammock packs extremely small however offers big rewards.   From someone who never relaxes this hammock is amazing and almost forces me to relax . I typically carry it along with my hercules straps in my hiking bag.  The hammock has a built in storage bag,and sets up in a few minutes. The storage bag then can be used as a cup holder or to stow small items. The hammocks come in a variety of colors and sizes accommodating more than one person . On one adventure it was even slept in it and was quite comfortable. The Eno Single Nest is always in my overland gear bag. I have set it up between bumpers, trees and pavilion posts to name a few. I do recommend a small pillow to make it even more comfortable. This is a very well made product that I will use for years to come,  you might even catch team rouge fast asleep in an Eno Hammock in a forest near you.  

Alex of Rogue Overland

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